Increase mobile app installs
by making it easier to install your app.

Stop wasting marketing dollars!

Studies show that, even after deciding to install your app, 20-40% of users abandon the installation process at each step or click they must take. Searching for an app in the app store often results in dozens of false positives leading to confusion and inaction. Every dollar you spend on advertising and marketing is diluted when users give up before completing installation.

AppGrease makes app installation easier

Simple to Use

  1. Build a great app (Congrats!)
  2. Tell us a bit about your app
  3. Create QRC images and SMS codes
  4. Users scan QRCs to install your app
  5. Users "text to install" your app
  6. Monitor increased app installs with analytics

Tell your users to "Text XYZ to 555-5555 to install our app"

Use a QR Code on your website, business card, or posters

Create a unique QR Code or SMS code for each campaign

Track the success of your campaigns

Price: Choose the plan that's right for you



50 app requests (SMS or QRC)
0.15¢ per additional request
3 QRC & SMS campaigns


250 app requests (SMS or QRC)
0.10¢ per additional request
Unlimited QRC & SMS campaigns


1,000 app requests (SMS or QRC)
0.08¢ per additional request
Unlimited QRC & SMS campaigns

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